Dream - Michelle S. Palafox

When you have nothing to lose, you just go for it.

From having all to losing everything, not certain about the next day coming. 
Brought to the USA as a kid, tored ACL, cancer, the end of a 10-year relationship...
Exposed herself to get [working] permit. What is there to lose?

Going and risking it: might eventually get you something. Or not.
But, at the very least, you are moving, you are living, not merely existing.

"I cannot do what everybody else can as easily. If I could, I would do so much more.

I could be doing really well back home (El Salvador). I could easily get a job and live well. However, I haven't been there in more than 15 years. It would be like moving to a completely new place, not back to what I knew as a kid. I can make life anywhere, I can adapt. It's an adventure.
But it's leaving behind people and my life here. 

I do not eat from the scrapes of what people say, but it does hurt.. as a human being."

An example of how we should strive to live.
She lives more aware of the courage in her than fear ahead of her.

Even when not having a choice to her current legal situation, she still chooses to defy the odds.

Maybe... her fault is her status, but not her heart.
Maybe... if, like her, we would be more aware of our imperfections and flaws,
we would be better suited for our own journey.

Perhaps... the life we long is beyond the point of no return.
Perhaps...the life we long lies just beyond our fears.

We can become so afraid of death that we never live, so afraid of failure that we never risk,
so afraid of pain that we never discover how strong we really are.

(Connectedness with nature. Constant look for genuine emotion, experiences, relationships.)

New sunrise, new opportunity to do your best.

Enjoying life without allowing fear to steal the future. 
The more you travel, the more you see, the more you live, the more you know how little you need...
The more you begin to recognize the battles worth fighting, the things worth of attention, moments that count.

The more you begin to recognize the battles worth fighting,
 the things worth of attention, moments that count.

What if this was the last day of your life?

How we view our existence has a radical effect on our engagement in this life.

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